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Top 5 Best Corded Oscillating Tools

The oscillating tool perhaps one of the most versatile tools in your bag. The oscillating tool goes where other tools can’t. There are not many tools other than the oscillating tool that allow you to precisely cut the bottom of casing one minute and cut through a rusty bolt the…

Top 5 Best Framing Hammers

Top 5 Best Framing Hammers

What is the Best Framing Hammer?

In this article, Tim will be reviewing the top 5 best framing hammers. Tim will break down each hammer, sharing the positives and the negatives, so you can buy the best framing hammer possible.

Why your framing hammer matters

A hammer seems to be such a basic tool. Whether you are doing demo work, pulling…

Makita XVJ01Z Review- Is it the Best 18-Volt Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw?
I recently added the Makita XVJ01Z 18 Volt Cordless Barrel Grip Jigsaw to my arsenal. I have a lot to say about the XVJ01Z after my first few weeks of use. I’m going to start off by first explaining what a barrel grip is and why it is better than a D-grip. If you would like to skip to the review section feel free to use the table of contents section to do so.

Check out the full review here:https://www.timstoolreviews.com/cordless-tools/makita-xvj01z-review/


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